Autumn Hues

I love those autumn hues the beauty and the symbolic meaning of you, the death and birth of us all, the beauty surrounds us all, enthralling at natures embankments with these orange to green colour palettes, reminding me that beside me was the beauty, within anything the veins of the leaf in my hand intriguedContinue reading “Autumn Hues”

Autumns beauty I saw autumn’s beauty and just couldnt help but see you see, my photography became the nature within me, the artform, the artforce of beauty within the leaves as she graces past me, not the lady, mother nature is here you see, she is the power within thee

Self Made

Self Made-Misery & Independency…. Self-made portrait, self-made headpiece, self made makeup artistry self made set! self made designs and self made dress set, self designed pre-sets of my own liking in the beautiful Nik Collection and well finish and release to you guys!…..Thanks for taking the time to view…