Autumn Hues

I love those autumn hues the beauty and the symbolic meaning of you, the death and birth of us all, the beauty surrounds us all, enthralling at natures embankments with these orange to green colour palettes, reminding me that beside me was the beauty, within anything the veins of the leaf in my hand intrigued me for instance as i just held it up towards the sun and the beauty shone through like you do, i love that about natures grace as i turn to the reflections of the colour palette onto the water and stare some more, to smell the beauty that fall had brought to us all, turn my gaze up to see you all surrounding me walking, interactions i see the beauty is within thee, doubt but go get it whatever it is youd like to do! for me it was a little camera and i clicked about until it took me places i had never been before, so even if i dont have that camera i can still feel and smell those moments and you i hope, the beauty can be evoked…

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I think "Photography is Poetry in motion" & fashion and design is an adornment of art much more

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