Age matters, inspires

Oh age how cruel you take my face and distort it, not only do you do this, underneath my skin the changes begin.

Oh age how you seem to segregate me from the rest of the society, do you not see me am i invisible now too?

Oh age how it meant so little at one point untill the changes happened within me too, i realised so much

Oh age how you tought me so much, oh how i look back in sheer lust to change the past at times, but nil.

Oh age how you made me feel, someone im not, how i moved forward not backwards with the information you gave me.

Oh how we wish we could tell our bodies not to fail and be frail, but beyond the age we feel, is that person whos still alive within thee

Oh when i relised that i wasnt so empty, and alone, when i realised we shouldnt judge on an exterior for age gave me so much more than youth ever did perhaps before, that is the most important of all

The age doesnt matter of a friend, mother, daughter dont segregate based on something so unimportant life, is to be lived by us all….age means nothing really at all, its a number for us all, forever changing outside and within me

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I think "Photography is Poetry in motion" & fashion and design is an adornment of art much more

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