Who wants to live Forever?

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Im afraid of that one that ” wants to live forever” whom dares to live forever? because wouldnt that be greed for our today?

I will say i dont want to live forever, but id love to live for this today, because nobody has forever we live for the days the ones of our lives, that make every hour special, we are the human race and very mortal beings

the race that did want more, strived for more on an open road of intelligence and pharmacology to make us breathe longer, but would you really want forever?

This road will come to an end but i cant say i didn’t enjoy the ride it created, i seen people cured to treated, i love to see the smiles of the survivors in my face, it only makes me wish for more, more of those loved ones being around…

We don’t want to live forever and for those of you who do, do you think you could watch everyone you loved, leave you too? theres many small mercies in our lifetimes, from a clean bill of health all the way up to winning the lottery, these are the people around you for life…..not forever so

Would you really like to live forever ? and would you like to turn around and tell those you loved, that you loved them, because you have to have the guts to not tear when we all leave you to advance in this world, in the meantime…look at those you love, adore and feel for that you care or love them, because learn it from me life is too short…or learn it from the pain of you never said…

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